Find listed bellow the professors doing research in Structure of Matter:

Alexsandre Figueiredo LagoElectronic Spectroscopy, electromagnetic radiation, atoms and molecules
Anderson Orzari RibeiroPhthalocyanine, Hypericin, Photodynamic Therapy
Camilo Andrea AngelucciGlycerol, Electrocatalysis, Nanomaterials
Célio Fernando Figueiredo Angolini Structural characterization of biomolecules, Mass spectrometry (MS), Characterization of organic reactions.
Hueder Paulo Moisés de OliveiraSpectroscopy, Dyes and Solvent Effects
Janaina de Souza GarciaSingle Crystals, Nanomaterials
João Henrique Ghilardi Lagostructural elucidation of biomolecules; nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR); mass spectrometry (MS)
José Miranda de Carvalho JuniorStructure-Property, X-ray Diffraction, Spectroscopy
Juliana dos Santos de SouzaNanomaterials, Reactive oxygen species, Spectroscopy
Káthia Maria HonórioStructure-activity relationships, drug-receptor interactions, molecular modeling
Luiz Duarte Ramosspectroscopy, structure-activity relationship (SAR)
Maurício Domingues Coutinho NetoDensity Functional Theory, vdW, REDOX
Mauro Coelho dos SantosSynthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials, Spectroscopic Techniques and Electronic Distribution
Paula Homem de MelloElectronic structure, Photosensitizers, Computational simulation
Rodrigo Maghdissian CordeiroMolecular dynamics simulation, phospholipid membrane, reactive oxygen species
Wendel Andrade AlvesPolymers and Colloids, Materials chemistry, biosensors
Yuri Alexandre AotoTheoretical chemistry; electronic structure; multireference coupled-cluster theory