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CTQ-001 Fundaments of scientific research in chemistry (2-0-2)
CTQ-002 General Seminars in Chemistry (2-0-2)
CTQ-003 Integrated Chemistry I (6-2-6)
CTQ-004 Integrated Chemistry II (6-2-6)
CTQ-005 Integrated Chemistry III (4-4-4)
CTQ-006 Internship in Teaching I (2-0-0)
CTQ-007 Internship in Teaching II (2-0-0)
CTQ-008 Advanced Topics in Structure of Matter (2-0-2)
CTQ-009 Advanced Topics in Energy (2-0-2)
CTQ-010 Advanced Topics in Transformation Processes (2-0-2)
CTQ-011 Atomic and molecular structure (4-2-4)
CTQ-012 Electrochemistry and Electroanalytical Chemistry (4-2-4)
CTQ-013 Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics (4-2-4)
CTQ-014 Catalysis: Concepts and Applications (4-2-4)
CTQ-015 Porous Solids Characterization (2-4-4)
CTQ-016 Fundaments of spectrocopic and spectrometric methods (4-0-4)
CTQ-017 Solid state chemistry (4-0-4)
CTQ-018 Determination of reactions mechanism (4-0-4)
CTQ-019 Catalysis in Organic Chemistry (2-0-2)
CTQ-020 Organic Synthesis (4-0-4)
CTQ-021 Structural Elucidation of Organic Compounds (2-0-4)
CTQ-022 Applied Atomic Spectrometry (2-2-4)
CTQ-023 Fundamentals and applications of Analytical Chemistry (4-0-4)
CTQ-024 Instrumentation Applied to Molecular Spectroanalytical Techniques (2-2-4)
CTQ-025 Special Topics in Separation Analytical Techniques (4-2-4)