Experimental or theoretical-computational scientific research in the modalities:

1. Master of Science (MS) (24 months);

2. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (48 months).

Those interested in entering the program should analyze the list of professors and their respective research area.

Candidates from state members of  the Organization of American States (OAS) can apply for a scholarship. More information at http://www.oas.org/en/scholarships/brazil.asp

The regular selection is based on a written exam, but the candidate can apply with his GRE score. Always verify the information of the Edital regarding the selective process for which you intend to register.

The dates of the Editals depend on the academic calendar, but usually follow the schedule:

There are no February admissions.

June admissions:

Applications: between February and March

Written exam: Mach

Registration: May

Beginning os the classes: June

September admissions:

Applications: between May and June

Written exam: July

Registration: Agust

Beginning os the classes: September

All requested documentation must be sent in accordance with the specifications of the current Edital.


  1. Atomic and molecular structure.
  2. Chemical bonds.
  3. Intermolecular forces.
  4. Acids and bases.
  5. Organic functions and reactions.
  6. Macromolecules structure and properties.


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